In an effort to offer full service capabiiltes, AutoSteel has a Trumpf Fiber Trulaser.

  • 3-Axis Flying Optical Positioning System
  • 3000 Watt Trudisk Resonator
  • 60 X 120 Max Sheet Size
  • Nitrogen or Oxygen Assist
  • Cutter Comp Software
  • Auto Exchangeable Pallet Loader
  • Sheet Or Coil

Ability To Cut
  • Steel - .010 To .750 (Coated / Uncoated)
  • Aluminum - .010 To .500
  • Stainless - .010 To .625
  • Brass - .010 To .250
  • Copper - .010 To .250

One Stop Shop
  • You no longer have to source material and processing separately.
  • By eliminating additional steps, you eliminate potential issues.
  • You provide us with the material spec and dimensions and we will provide you with a finished piece.
  • By eliminating a step in the process, we can insure quicker delivery and guarantee quality.

Cost Savings
  • No need to purchase additional material that may not be necessary.
  • Reduced freight charges by cutting out delivery to a processor.
  • No Scrap.
  • More efficient use of your equipment/time. No longer have to use your 5-axis machines for flat parts.

Space Savings
  • We become your warehouse.
  • No more obsolete material from past jobs taking up valuable floor space.
  • You order exactly what you need, no less.
  • Easy re-order for repeating jobs.

Equipment & Facitlity

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